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To do this, press the press the "Configure Speakers When the new window opens, press the "left front" and "right front" buttons under the "Stereo" tab to generate white noise audio signals and observe through which speaker the noises are played back.

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If it doesn't, then your speakers are reverse wired and you really should change their wiring. If, on the other hand, you have a large number of files encoded improperly Right channel source audio input recorded to Stereo Channel 1 and Left channel source audio input recorded to Stereo Channel 2 and opt to reverse your MIDI speaker configuration, then be aware of the following: In any case, no matter how you opt to configure the MIDI Setup app, press the "Apply" button if not grayed out to apply any changed settings to your system before pressing the "Done" button to close the "Configure Speakers Okay, here is where I ran into some problems.

First of all, whether or not you have a "balance slider" to play with actually depends on how your speakers are connected to your system. In my case, I was using the optical output to connect to a Logitech digital decoder-amplifier-speaker hardware complement and this device has no device control options. So it was quite a while until I finally figured out that I had to disconnect the cable from my system to allow the system to enable the internally built-in speakers before I was able to access a "balance slider" and duplicate your stated workflow.

In the default configuration, the slider action is normal with the "Left" label representing Stereo Channel 1 audio and "Right" label representing Stereo Channel 2 audio.

Thus, when you reverse the Audio MIDI Setup app's speaker configuration preference, you are also reversing the slider action with respect to the Left-Right labels. Based on this comment, I suspect that when you said you were confirming that channels are set correctly, what you really meant was that you were confiming the channels were set correctly relative to a file being played back at the time and not set correctly based on an absolute harware generated signal reference.

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No offense taken, However, I might point out that my original DotMac, now defunct MobileMe, and current iCloud account email addresses all remain valid. Please do those seven steps on your Mac first. I'm afraid if you don't understand that part, you'll never be able to help me….

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As noted above, I have performed the steps you listed. Rather than debating my understanding or lack thereof of your problems, let's try a simple experiment I know the file is correctly hard encoded for correct playback in any media player capable of handling this file type and compression formats. If the file plays correctly on your system, then it is properly configured. If it does not play correctly, then your system is either incorrectly configured or you have a system malfunction. Feel free to download and test the file in anay and all media players installed on your system.

It even plays correctly in my system's browser plug-in player. Page content loaded. Jul 31, 5: If you have an authoring application or an encoding application on your Mac, you will have an AC3 codec on your machine. Jul 31, 7: I have the same problem, I tried to open some avi movies and there's no sound since I've installed ML I read that Perian will stop developing updates so I think this problem will continue unless apple provides a codec for quicktime playing avi files with sound Can you be more specific regarding your problem?

Which player are you using? Are trying a passthrough of the AC3 5. However, I had noted the following items of possible interest for my H. However, I can switch between the Language tracks manually using the "Properties" window and the "Inspector" window is immediately updated to reflect the audio track compression format being played.

How to Play AC3 on Mac?

Jul 31, 9: Complete name: I just want to inform that when I try to open the first file on divx player I get the pop message saying that this file contains a track in the dolby ac3 codec code format. I need to install QT component. Jul 31, Assume you may not have audio using QT X Player. However, if true, then there is a possibility of a codec conflict problem on your system if the Perian codec component package is also simultaneously installed. In my case, I use the Perian package v1. But then my work flow is directed toward the use H.

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Further, I am still using the same Perian codec component support installed in July of last year so, at least for me, there does not seem to be a current need to update AC3 playback support. Jul 31, 3: Hi Jon, sorry for the confusion.

I've said thank you because you were the only person who brought some explanation to the post and I just wanted to be kind for that Now the codecs: I didn't change anything in the original install for the codecs mentioned. I've also tried to uninstall all them and just use Perian same version as you 1. What I think is that quiacktime stop playing movies avi files using ac3 codec with sound with the ML upgrade as I've been using without problems with Lion and before with SL You should get a file like those and test for yourself, I understand you have no need for that and you'd probably waste your time but it'd be the only way to check what's happening.

Best approach would be to test a file or short snippet thereof known to not be working on your system. Do you have anything suitable available that can be posted or emailed?

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You could try trimming a second segment from start or end of your files and see if they have same playback problems. See my profile for email address. Jul 31, 4: Hi Jon I have the short video prepared to send but I can't find your email on your profile. Please send a message to marco me. Jul 31, 6: File received. For the benefit of other readers, here is what I found. QT X Player only played the video portion of the file data. Problem may be associated with the interpretion of the samling rate by the QT X Player which thinks the sampling rate is only In any case, QT apps are very "standards based" and if the QT X Player considers the audio to have been encoded with what it considers non-standard settings, may simply refuse to try and play the audio data whether encoded correctly or not.

Aug 13, 1: For me this was happening with. Download and extract the A52Codec. This fixed the problem for me in that I can now play my files H. Aug 13, 5: I fixed this same problem on my laptop running Mountain Lion The A52Preferences application can change the prefs for the codec but is not necessary with version 1.

It causes problems and is completely supplanted by this codec. Aug 15, 4: Where did you find that codec? It has the same version number 1. My AC3 Codec is not working. More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search.

GOMPlayer Codec Doesn't Work? Here's Best Workaround

If you want to play a AC3 files, just click on "Open File" and select the AC3 document you would like to watch from your local multimedia files, and then click "Open". Wait for a bit, and the AC3 file will be played for you directly. The first and best Blu-ray media player for Mac. Macgo EULA. Our software is not developed by or affiliated with Apple Inc. Your MacOS doesn't meet the minimum requirement. Please download Mac Standard version.

Please purchase Mac Standard version. Macgo Blu-ray Media Player. Macgo iPhone Tools for Mac for Win. Free Mac Media Player.