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For a small country, Vietnam has a remarkably long poetic tradition, including popular appreciation of good lyrics composed in constrained meters yet rich in double images and double meanings.

Ngân Anh hớ hênh khi trình diễn đầm dạ hội ở Hoa hậu Liên lục địa

Ho Xuan Hurong, who lived in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, was a talented female poet who presented a wide range of themes through a unique lens and occupies a high place in Vietnam's literary history. She brought to life the battles of the sexes and the power of the female body vis-a-vis male authority, human weakness and desire, and boldly discussed various aspects of religious life, social justice, and equality including sexual freedom, as well as a range of other issues and experiences potentially detrimental to the status and aspirations of women.

On close scrutiny, her lyrics offer surprising insight into a private Vietnamese past: In many ways the poet had a sad life, influenced by powerful Confucian traditions and external fo rces which she could neither control nor reject. She expressed her innermost feelings in extraordinary lyrics, which on the surface describe simple scenes, fruits, cakes, women's rural activities and lives of individuals, but on another level reveal a rich eroticism that is commonly regarded as the hallmark of her writing.

After the Vietnamese gained independence in the tenth century, Chinese political institutions and social values coexisted under successive dynasties with important Buddhist and Taoist forces.

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A Chinese-style civil service gradually evolved that recruited men on merit by competitive examination, while the peasant masses remained oriented towards local customs and religious beliefs, in particular cults of folk heroes and guardian spirits. By the fifteenth century, under the long reign of the great emperor Le Thanh Tong , neo-Confucian doctrines dominated Vietnamese ideology.

During this same period Vietnam began to seek more territory to the South. This expansion, coupled with the decline of the Le dynasty , produced a major political division lasting two centuries. Two rival families, the Trinh and the Nguyen, ruled separate areas of Vietnam: I5 cpu intel n Avacs for android mobile. Magdy saad nogomi download. Ic transistor data book free download.


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