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This exchangeable image file format, or EXIF data, has been around awhile, and it can be useful. And it can be edited. If digital cameras and other devices; EXIF data is not limited to photography embed data into a file, then why the need to edit? Offhand, I have some experience with this issue.

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It edits EXIF data within a single file or multiple files in batches. The editor lets you edit EXIF data on multiple photos at the same time, and has a Restore To Original option so whatever you edited can be reversed. Think of it as an EXIF undo. Some EXIF data will vary camera to camera, so the editor can let you create presets to use on multiple devices. If you can edit a Word document or navigate through a database entry, you can edit EXIF data on your photos.

There is even an option to set custom time-date stamps and edit GPS information. The easy way.

How To Edit Or Remove Exif Data On Mac

Drag and drop. You can also add coordinates and edit GPS to your photos manually. Need to drop in copyright or photographer information into a batch of photos? File Multi Tool 6 gives you total control over file creation and modification dates, setting them to specific times and dates, adding or removing time or simply removing them altogether.

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File Multi Tool 6 supports setting all common Mac file system flags. File Multi Tool 6 can delete invisible files, such as. On top of this File Multi Tool has a special "Show Invisible Files" feature hidden in the "Tools" menu that switches the Finder to a special mode in which invisible files become visible. File Multi Tool has been used by professional photographers, web site designers and developers and many other creative professionals who deal with large file collections for close to two decades now.

Whether you forgot to reset the timezone of your camera while traveling , or are using multiple cameras but have forgotten to sync their clocks, the resulting time discrepancies can wreak havoc with your file collections.

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File Multi Tool 6 offers a simple way of adding or removing time intervals to entire photo collections in one fell swoop. The Finder uses the file creation or modification dates to sort files but cannot sort by shooting date.

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Use File Multi Tool 6 to copy the shooting date to the creation date to get files to sort intuitively. Many professional photographers do not want to send meta-data about their equipment and exposure information with their files and use File Multi Tool to remove this information before delivering files to clients or uploading them to stockphoto sites. While some photographers prefer anoniziming JPEG files before delivery, others want to add copyright information before delivering their files or sharing them on stockphoto sites.

File Multi Tool 6 supports both and makes them equally convenient. A bunch of files with different creation and modification dates, inconsistent file extension settings and Finder labels look messy and unprofessional. Use File Multi Tool to standardize file creation and modification dates, file extension hiding and Finder labels for a cleaner look.