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Please respond. There was a threatened lawsuit and I am not sure that you can find the ROM update for the Cricut cutter anymore. Maybe someone has a copy of it hanging around.

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Which is Best for You? The focus of this post is to help other readers who fall into a different category, such as: Briefly, these similarities include: Both programs can be used to design what you need. Both have functions for auto-tracing, freehand drawing, node editing, placing text and shapes on a path, shadowing, Bezier operations, temporary font installation, lattice design, rhinestone design, jigsaw design, and more.

Lattice Designing in MTC: Both programs can import a wide range of file formats. Both programs are in the same price range MTC: How do the two programs differ? For example: The same goes for stencil designing because SCAL has a specific tool for bridging interior shapes. Besides the aforementioned higher sensitivity to settings, MTC also has the following: The comradery between members and the respect shown to everyone makes this an enjoyable online place to ask, answer, and share project photos.

Other resources include: Preview of five Boolean Join operations, making it faster to select the correct one Customizable auto-save option Ability to install fonts permanently versus temporarily from within the program.

Cricut Software: DesignStudio vs. Make The Cut vs. Sure Cuts A Lot

This is especially important with the OPF single line fonts where there is no way to install them permanently otherwise. A better Eraser tool with a straight-line option and Inverse Erase for adding to shapes: Offering plugins for over 30 models, no other cutting program is better suited for someone who buys multiple cutters or upgrades to a new cutter every few years.

Customizable User Interface: The cutting window offers more features: Options to mirror or flip images before cutting Customizable presets for materials and blades Prompt option when needing to change out tools during a cut Impactive features which are missing in MTC: Line Fill feature, with cross-hatch, for engraving or coloring-in with pens and markers Stencil function for bridging interior shapes A rhinestone design feature that offers simulations and automatic adjustment when the design is resized: However, before purchasing, you should verify that your cutter will work with MTC.

Do NOT count on a plugin being published at some point in the future. MTC is a Windows based program. While a Mac version appears on its download page, this version runs on an embedded emulator called Wine, limiting some functionality such as being able to copy and paste between applications or from the Internet.

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MTC only displays in inches. There are some workarounds for those who prefer metric but this has been a major complaint about MTC by those outside of the USA. MTC will come to a crawl if files with several hundred or more shapes are ungrouped for detailed editing. It also cannot export as PDF.

Make The Cut (free version) download for Mac OS X

You cannot apply Boolean join functions to shapes with a pattern fill whereas you can in MTC. This can then pose a problem when designing certain print and cut projects. While SCAL does offer a pattern fill function, imported patterns are reduced to a lower pixel resolution and may not then be suitable for printing. Most updates are not announced and no information is provided regarding their content. Further, checking for updates within SCAL often fails to indicate that a new one is available.

Support Yes MTC has a very active forum with hundreds of hours of free webinars and free videos. User Interface Yes SCAL has better zoom functionality, ability to drag layers up and down on the layers panel, opacity, and customizable grid settings. It also has a multi-color gradient fill function with linear and radial options. Shape Manipulation Yes SCAL has the ability to choose which part of a shape corresponds to an XY location on the screen, has separate horizontal and vertical spacing control when duplicating shapes, and the ability to group shapes.

SVGs, project files, and even fonts can be assigned to a Favorites category for quick access. Text Yes Yes MTC can install fonts permanently from within the program and has split options within the text window. SCAL has the ability to change the font after text is entered and will display full character sets without the annoying empty boxes. Further, Boolean Join can be applied to shapes with a raster texture fill. Drawing Yes MTC has fat path drawing with superior smoothing and the ability to draw with dots and dashes.

Cutting Yes SCAL has a line fill feature for engraving or coloring in, works with Wi-Fi enabled cutters, and works with dual-head cutters. It also has customizable registration marks. Conclusion If you are interested in testing Make The Cut, you can download a trial version. Get the Ultimate Beginner's Guide. Sandy McCauley June 18, at 7: Connie December 6, at 3: Oh, I forgot to add I also own a cutterbug!

Tracey Schulz December 12, at Lynn McNally June 18, at Thank you Sandy! I appreciate all the work you put into keeping us informed! Cathy June 18, at 1: Anonymous June 18, at 5: Lee July 29, at Donna Cervantez June 19, at 2: Sandy McCauley June 19, at 5: Liz A June 19, at 2: Judi Palumbo June 21, at 3: Sandy McCauley August 9, at Thanks, Judi!

Shannon June 23, at 2: Anonymous October 8, at 9: Jill November 29, at Alicja Majcher January 4, at Judy-marie Steenkamp June 8, at 6: Mary July 3, at Chris July 20, at 8: Any assistance or guidance anyone could offer would be immensely appreciated! Thank you! Rachel Keys November 19, at 2: Personal Die Cutting Post author November 19, at 3: Hi Rachel, it can be frustrating with so much information out there.

I went ahead and found the answer for you from the SCAL website: RAH November 24, at 8: Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. SCAL has both PC and Mac versions, option to work in metric, frequent updates, and works with over 30 models of cutters, staying up to date with the latest cutters.

SCAL has better zoom functionality, ability to drag layers up and down on the layers panel, opacity, and customizable grid settings. SCAL offers an opacity setting as well as stroke color, thickness, and shape. SCAL has the ability to choose which part of a shape corresponds to an XY location on the screen, has separate horizontal and vertical spacing control when duplicating shapes, and the ability to group shapes. The easiest way to design and cut signs, graphics, lettering, logos, shapes, decals and stickers.

Take your sign-making to a whole new level with Easy Cut Studio. The 1 vinyl cutting software for macOS and Windows. This awesome vinyl cutter software even supports vectorize your images and built-in shape library includes hundreds of vectorial designs ready for cut. With intuitive user interface, Now anyone can cut designs like a pro! Professional sign cutting software for your vinyl cutter. Both Windows and macOS versions available. This powerful vinyl cutter software comes with a suite of various shape drawing and editing tools to draw and edit any shape directly on the mat.

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  • Easily draw unique shapes, modify signs, edit images, create logos, customize text with fonts on your computer plus special effects. Easy Cut Studio will make you design and cut your shapes easier than with any other sign-making software in the market. It is a little design powerhouse for vinyl cutting.

    Easily create accurate vector paths ready for cutting or make further editing. Print to Cut made easy, fast and accurate. Automatic creation of registration marks for print and cut applications. Easily print your artwork and then cut out around the printed image using your vinyl cutter, which is perfect for create decals and stickers.

    User control over registration size, thickness and offset will help the cutter find the contour cut marks easily. Easily convert designs into rhinestone templates and make your own custom rhinestone designs with typeable rhinestone ready fonts.

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    Specify stone size and spacing to make a rhinestone template and lattice shapes. Just select an object on the screen mat, and then choose "Rhinestones" from under the "Effects" menu to bring up the Rhinestone window shown below. Welding is an advanced option allows you to make overlapping text and shapes to become a single shape, by joining shapes together wherever an overlap occurs.

    Easily create complex designs using multiple layers, grouping to organize the display order of objects. Using Layers can help you more control over how you organize, edit and cut objects with Easy Cut Studio.

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    The Shadow Layer option will create cuttable shadows from any shape. Get the job done, faster. Flexible Cut Settings that allows you to cut exactly what you want. Cut vinyl signs with incredible ease. No longer work with the Cricut machines. Click here to view all compatible vinyl cutters. Your cutting plotter program is very easy to figure out and there are video tutorials available to help us learn how to use the software.

    9 Best Video Cutting or Trimming Software on Mac and Windows

    Another one of important feature is the image trace. It take my low resolution images and make vector SVG images ready for cutting. It works perfectly and began to make my cuts from my MacBook Pro. The software helped me create exactly what I wanted!