Sms messages not sending on mac

When the recipient replies, they don't appear on the macOS Messages app, but they do on the iOS version. I'm not alone. There are several threads on the Apple support communities forum discussing this , but no one has found a solution. The obvious troubleshooting steps - signing out of and back into Messages, making sure Messages is synced between devices - don't fix it. Your older Mac won't run macOS Mojave. Now what? I spend some time with an Apple support rep via phone and he was also stumped. He theorized it may be incompatibility between Mojave and cell providers, but that's just a guess.

One other odd thing about this problem: It only appeared with the final released version of Mojave. I had been using the beta version for some time without issue, and the problem only appeared once I installed the final release on my MacBook Pro and Mac mini.

macOS Mojave: SMS message says 'Not delivered', but it is [Updated]

I've emailed Apple, asking if this is a known issue and if a fix is in the works. I'll update this post if I hear back. I'd send messages via SMS to non-Apple devices, but they wouldn't appear to be successful and no replies came back to the watch. That prompted me to try some troubleshooting, including the steps mentioned by Philgonsoulin in the comments to this story. Nothing worked. Then, late Saturday afternoon Oct.

I did and was told that, for security reasons, I had to change my password.


I saw no evidence that there had been any attempt to get into my iCloud account - no spontaneous 2-factor authentication prompts, for example - but I went ahead and changed it, which also required updating it on all my other Apple devices. I could conclude that the password reset fixed it, but that's not certain.

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I'd filed a ticket with Apple support; did they send a password reset to everyone who had reached out? I've posted a query to the growing thread about this issue on the Apple support forums asking if anyone else had been asked to do a password reset, then found the problem fixed.

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I've also asked Apple about whether the reset prompt was generated by support to facilitate a fix. If I hear back, I'll update this post again. Dwight Silverman is the technology editor for the Houston Chronicle and the grillmaster for the TechBurger tech news site. If it's not already set up, you're asked to sign in when you first open the Messages app.

A Tapback is a quick response that expresses what you think about a message, such as that you like it or think it's funny. Here's how to do it: Other iMessage users see "Liked" or "Laughed at" or "Emphasized," for example, followed by the text of that message. Most such affects look the same on your Mac when you receive them. When you permanently delete a message or conversation, you can't get it back.

iPhone Not Sending Text Messages? Here’s How to Fix SMS

So make sure that you save important information from your messages. Use Messages with your Mac Messages is the text-messaging software included with your Mac. Address your message by typing the recipient's name, email address, or phone number. Or click and choose a recipient. If they're in your Contacts app, Messages finds them as you type. To start a group conversation, just add more recipients. Type your message in the field at the bottom of the window, then press Return to send it.

Use Messages with your Mac

To include emoji , click. To include an image or other file, just drag or paste it into the message field. Or use Continuity Camera to capture a photo or scan directly from your iPhone or iPad camera.

To include an audio recording, click and record your message. Choose not to be disturbed by notifications about this conversation. Share a screen. See the recipient's location—if they're sharing their location with you. Review all of the photos and files that were exchanged in the conversation.

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Add a group name, add members to a group, or leave a group. If the group has four or more members, you can remove members: