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Preset file location:. You can get there easily by opening or selecting a Finder window and hitting command-G then enter the path. Lucis Pro 6 SA comes with 60 days of free technical support from the date of purchase. Please Email support if you need assistance.

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  6. Lucis Pro 6.0 Software; An Update Offers More Sophistication.

Lucis processing is best applied before any adjustment in Photoshop, so this stand-alone application will meet the needs of the professional photographer. Then you will open the Lucis-processed images in Photoshop for further work.

Download LucisArt Pro 6 0 Tutorial

This adds an extra step, however in most cases to achieve the best results you should use Lucis Pro before making any changes in Photoshop. Using AppleScript: Two demonstration AppleScript Script applications are provided. One lets you easily process multiple images and the other lets you take an image in Photoshop, open it in Lucis, process it and then reopen the Lucis-processed image in Photoshop.

Scroll down for more information about using these Scripts.

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  • With Easy Batch Processing: You can batch process images using Lucis and then run Actions in Photoshop on the Lucis-processed images. If you are not sure which Lucis settings will work for you, you can use batch processing to process images using several Lucis Pro 6 SA settings, then choose the ones you like best to work with in Photoshop.

    Sometimes you need to process images with a range of Lucis Pro 6 SA settings because Lucis processes each image differently depending on its relative contrasts. These Scripts are installed under Applications and they are very easy to use and modify.

    Latest sample galleries

    Modifying a Script: You cannot edit one of the example Scripts without duplicating it. This script saves a lot of clicks if you are processing multiple images. Simply open this Script, which is under Applications, and Hit the play button. The Script will prompt you to select one or more images to process in Lucis, and handle the rest. The Script sequentially opens each image in the Lucis-processing UI, allows you to choose the Lucis-processing parameters and click Okay, processes the image, and closes and saves the image with "-lu" appended to the file name in the folder where the original image resides.

    The PhotoshopExample Script. This Script makes it easier to move from Photoshop to Lucis and back again to Photoshop for tiff and jpeg images.

    Part 2 of the "Dave Hill Look Revisited" - Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider

    If you are working on a layered image, you have to flatten the image and save it as a tiff or jpeg image first. You should also make a copy of the image because the image will be processed with Lucis and saved. You have to edit the first line to state which version of Photoshop you are using.

    The first line of the PhotoshopExample Script says:. If you are not using CC , you can duplicate this Script and then change that line to your version of Photoshop for CS5 or higher. For example, if you have CS5, you would change the line to:. To use the Script, have a tiff or jpeg image open and selected in Photoshop. Then open and run this Script.

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    The Script will close and save the image you were working on in Photoshop, open the image in the Lucis-processing UI, allow you to choose the Lucis processing parameters and click Okay, process the image, save the image under the original file name, close the image, then open the Lucis-processed image in Photoshop. The file name is not changed. You can avoid problems by checking to see that your PhotoshopExample Script has the edit described below. Part of the Script is shown below. The orange text must be changed from:. If you keep getting ugly, keep playing.

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    Description of LucisArt 3.0.1

    Transform Your Image Using 2 Sliders. Amazing Results. Original photo by Alex on Unsplash. Improve contrast and detail but stay realistic.

    Part 2 of the “Dave Hill Look Revisited”

    Create a great HDR from 1 photo. Over-process the image but mix it with the original to add texture. Go surrealistic. Original photo by Mattew Schwartz on Unsplash. Go from noise reduction to watercolor effects. Original photo by Jose Ros on Unsplash. Play with this. You will be surprised at the images hidden within your image.