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LoL was so in the end ill gladly take the name league of children you guys are like back yard kickball and were the NFL get on our level haterz. I am reading this board because im tired of LOL and looking for a new game. The problem with league, is there is a support role which requires a teammate to play an entire 40 min match and not kill minions. HoN is a joke in its genre. This game and its community offer nothing but a quick responding engine to the genre. DotA 2 came after their release. I much would rather all the children stay out of HoN its hard enough to deal with the noobs who claim their pro, let alone whiner feeders like yourself.

Sorry to be blunt, but had a bad day so far with noobs on my team. People are dicks man.. Always were and always will be. Dota was also full of those players. One of my friends pulls his hair cuz of flaming, the other one on the other hand, simply ignores all flaming,never responds to any provocation the whole game,he simply ignores it.

People are matched up with players of similar skills due to mmr and all the stats, so if you are noob, you will get noobs to play with.. S2 should have more practice and learning sessions for beginners. I will just move out just kidding, I allready did…. Did you really think that the guys at S2 Games are really happy to have a community who drive away all the new players? We just are talking about free-to-play models here. We are talking about a studio whose living is based on a donation model. Do you really think that they can expand and grow with a set-minded state like their actual community?

Do you really think that it was hard for them to figure the success of League of Legend? The result is a massive movement of gamers away from the second-known Moba in the market…. Moba are not just about skills, or personnal feats.

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For example, One day, I was very lame and was ganked at every tours. Every time the other ganked me up, the rest of the team destroyed a tower… and we finally win the game. It was on Lol. Everyone can help the team if he want to. But negatives comments can destroy any tactics that can be…. Frankly, to be flamed the first 3 games you play is really annoying. We move on. We change game. And when HoN community will find that their greatest ennemy is themselves, it will be too late for S2 games… who, to their credits, are trying hard to open their game to everyone.

Would like to give my humble opinion on the matter comparison of dota,lol,hon,dota 2. Ofcourse dota is the queen mother of this type of games. Waay back my friend talked me into dl-ing lol. The same concept, but with much better graphics, more heroes, more items and with faster and more aggresive gameplay. Played dota 2 also, but i kept missing things from hon.

Only good thing is the button to buy items and send it via courier. I still cant believe that dota 2 came out after hon, but has much lamer graphics, i was very disappointed. This is not a very similar game to dota but in fact a copy of dota. I have been playing dota for like 4 years now and I played HoN for like a day and there are not just similartys but actual copyes of heros, items, the map is almost identical.

TehnoSan July 4, at 4: The things thatmake some dota players dota pros no longer exist in Hon. For new players wanting to try the game out, play public games no stats. The game is really competitive which is why the community sucks. The reason people rage in hon is because one player on your team can honestly lose you the match, even if everyone else is doing really well.

If you have time, what i use to do was watch replays of someone else doing really well in a match and see how that person plays. Watch and learn.

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Ive played dota for years, HoN for years, and i wanted to try out LoL and ive been playing that for a month or so. Honestly speaking, LoL feels like a casual game while HoN is competitive. The gap between an experienced HoN player vs and rookie HoN player is of the charts. From my one month of playing LoL, which isnt too long of playing, i did like some things. Really easy to use shop.

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The mastery and runes were unique. You can get low hp in laning phase and just recall to heal yourself pretty quickly without any punishment other than walking back to the lane and losing some exp. Another thing about recall is theres no cooldown time. Theres barely any diversity in ganking other than hiding in the bush. LoL is bright and colorful cartoony styled while HoN is a bit more on the realistic gloomy-ish type.

Some like the bright themed art style and some like the realistic dark themed. Please upgrade your computer, just because it lags is not the graphical errors on the HON team, it an error on your part, the graphics are outa this world. I own a cafe where Dota and generals, crossfire tournaments are the norm, and when there is money on the line any game becomes serious if we play it.

I love that you do not have to run all over the map or have a courier run all over the map to get your recipes. I love the glyph of fortification being on the front screen instead of having scroll back to town to select it. I really love that all heros hot keys are the same, it was a pain in the arse to learn all the different hotkeys for the heros in Dota. I think HON has a great easy to game play everything you need seems to be at your fingertips which makes for longer gameplay and lesser running around like a chicken with your head cut off.

LOL Judging by the comments from the fanboys here I am not sure I will even waste my time downloading this game. Again I have not played DotA 2 so I can not speculate that experience. I really would need to do the tutorial alot to understand the gameplay.. This is a note for the people that actually want to discern some good information in this bunch on stupidity. HoN is a moba game that is different than LoL! LoL is way more different, not worse, just different. HoN has darker graphics while LoL has brighter and more cartoonish graphics.

None of them if good or bad, it only depends to your preference.

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Both are great in a way, and remember that you can go to the option pannel to adjust them. The gameplay in HoN is also different: This is why a new Player got troll, because he is making his team loosing. LoL pardons more this kind of errors, and this is why it is more enjoyable to play, but this is also why the gap between a good player and a noob is not as big as it would be in HoN. IMO its the best of all a-rts games on the market. Yes, I refuse to call dotacopies mobas. A update for all of u new players: HoN is extremly harsh to all new players, u have to practice a lot, but it pays of quickly.

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HoN has launched some new updates, which allows players to read guides written to their chosen hero ingame. So many graphics whores play games these days. Everyone has their own preferences. Sounds to me like people who suck complete ass in real life look for any reason to put themselves on this imaginary pedestal. This game is way worse than Dota! Slow,clunky,bad graphics thee worst skill sets and champs i have seen. League of Legends is going to walk all over this Moba community its sad to say but nothing has touched how smooth and polished the game mechanics are this HON is something i might have played if i was 9 yrs old maybe even 8 i could forgive the graphics and crappy V.

Fanboy detected,you are just stupid,cartoony graphics are unforgiveable for a moba. Check HoN 3. I tried to play HoN 2 times. After a tour of this style of games, I went back to retry it. First match, new hero: Second match, same hero: No one helped me. No one to consel you. Just insults. The problem is: If League of Legend is for kid: Let the real pro spent their time on HoN and let the people who just want to have a good time playing, just to have fun, on another Moba.

Well I bought my accout before It went F2P so i have all the heroes except the new ones. Let me explain a few thngis. If you did not receive a BETA key here are a few reasons as to why you may not have received one: For example: Several twitter accounts with the same name or tweeted the same email address for me to send the key to.

I saved the keys I had for actual individuals. Not spam accounts. I can say that both of them are pretty good games. What I like about HoN is that all heroes are f2p now means you can access whole hero pool for free and I think that players are much more polite. Champions in LoL seem different and Each one is unique , from cute little animals to giant mythical monsters to armored knights , they all look awesome and interesting , unlike in this game where the champions all look very similar and unappealing.

An item that allows u to teleport? When i first play HoN i was so nfuse and the animation is too much for my part, also the voice acting on some of the heroes kinda repetivie and the community suck. HoNs heroes are all different, like you said you havent even played so how could you know? Personal advice ….

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What is wrong with this style of items? This is more like DotA, which is much more engaging than the bland icons of League. Items are supposed to be trinkets and gadgets that can assist you in battle if used correctly, not pictures of imaginary stat-boosters. But the game is good so thats why im still playing and would want to become a good player. I tried this game and deleted it after 3 days.

No effort or real contribution to advancing the moba genre. A practice game without Hero A. A small purple dot? Lets put this in perspective. How many elitist alt accounts do you think this spawned? Now items for you HoN fanboys to chew on. I play League of Legends and enjoy it a lot. Contributions to expand the genre including a true tutorial with hero A.

An easily followed item shop to make upgrades during the match fluid and quick. Thats all it took. It doesnt detract from the gameplay in the least. The reason it is less rude is because Riot providedthe tools proper training to give the new player a chance to be ready when the time is right to play with real players.

Lastly to those who wish to scoff and believe I didnt invest enough time in HoN to see the true fun the game has. League of Legends as well as others have invested that effort. Its always funny how none of the LoL fanboys mention anything about the high rate of ruined games through feeding and leavers due to the small gap between new players and experienced playeres in LoL. If you think graphics are better, then I feel sorry that you prefer graphics in a game that would fit the standards of a 10 year old — bright colors and nice, friendly looking champions….

You listed differentiating colored health bars as a pro for LoL? Are you not aware that HoN follows the same principle in making allies outlined green and foes outlined red? Honestly if you cant tell friend from foe even without colors, then you should quit trying at moba games. Have fun with LoL, or as more properly named League of Children, where it doesnt matter if you suck or if you are good, everyone pats you on the back, says you did good regardless, and gives you a participation trophy in the end.

And both games have decent graphics. Now I will first state that i have not tried HoN yet but i have played LoL extensively, so I am probably biased on this. If there was no bot mode in LoL and I had to play pvp from the start, I most likely would have gotten frustrated and given up on it before I actually got the hang of it, which would have been unfortunate as LoL is currently one of my favorite games.

First, I need to go up against players before I even know how the game works and then I can be kicked for being bad? That is just silly. A gamer that has never played a MOBA before and is looking to start could never possible play this game. Still, I will try this game sometime in the future and then I will come back to this page and make another, more well-informed comment from my personal experience there.

On a second note, that last point that Abaum made, i quote: This is a fact. In hon allies has Green Health bar with green glowing and enemies has Red Health bar and red glowing. Another thing missing in LoL is the deny system,i find it so stupid.

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The graphics could be updated I guess…. And there is no specific reason to lvling as it provides no persistent bonuses or skills. The interface is absolutely awful. Everything is stupidly grimdark, making it hard to discern friend from foe.