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I will be using this in school and with my relief group. You are a life saver. Hope somewhere down the line I too could join your movement. Wish you good luck in getting your degree soon. God bless you. Thanks for putting this together. Thank you for the wonderful dictionary. I was searching for something like this for quite sometime. Glad that you have kept it free. You will always have our best wishes. The spell checker is for American English. Beware of the hiccups if you use it in context with Indian British English.

It is 11 long years since I used WordPerfect. I have forgotten everything about WordPerfect. However, I think it should work fine with WordPerfect also. You may need to rename our spellchecker file that ends with. UWL for working with WordPerfect. Find out where the custom dictionary resides in your case and do accordingly. Find out more information on this here: How do I edit dictionaries word lists in WordPerfect? Try it yourself and tell us all here on how you did it, so that it could help somebody else like you.

Feel free to revert if I can be of any further help. Good luck. Just want to say thank you for this one. Been having trouble with this since M. Thank you so much!!!!! My computer crashed last week and I still use Windows XP but decided to use Word instead of this time.

I am so glad I found this. Thank for all the hard work you put into this. Stay tuned through any of these channels. I am a medical transcriptionist and I have this program installed to my Word and when I spell check it is not picking up any of the misspelled words. What am i doing wrong. See if the appropriate slots are ticked. My computer died, and I lost my medical spellchecker with it. I like your spellchecker very much because I did not have to make any big changes to my new computer to get it. Thank you for your generosity. For Windows 7 and Word , locate proof C: Then open word options and proofing.

Click on custom dictionary and add, locate your file in the folder proof and then double click to add it. Click ok on the custom dictionary box and it will work. The Custom Dictionaries dialog box in Word lists the available custom dictionaries the application can use to check spelling. If the dictionary that you want to use — for example, one that you purchased from a third-party company — is installed on your computer but not listed in the Dictionary list box, you can add it.

On the Word menu, click Preferences.

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Under Spelling, click Dictionaries. I followed the steps Vikash has, just above, after placing the file in the following folder on my hard drive per one of the above suggestions. The file is in there, everything seems fine, but when I go through the steps above, the file is greyed out. The original. Why is it still greyed out? Dictionary Files. Couple of users had this trouble earlier, and they have suggested this remedy in the comments above. Read all the discussions above.

Hope that helps. Thank you from bottom of my heart. I had to force format my system due to some issues. First time when i upgraded to , a friend like you helped me but unfortunately I lost the file he provided and now he is not sure how he did it at that time: My Google search took me to your page. Thanks a lot again. Thanks a million. Thank you! Typing in Word for any of my classes was so annoying! Everything had the red mark below it. Tested and works just fine with Microsoft office Home and Student running on Window 7.

For anyone who needs help with installing:. Open Microsoft Word. I just downloaded this and typed up 11 patients. So far, I am extremely impressed!! You have saved me LOTS of money and time. I am so grateful for all of your hard work. I truly appreciate your time and effort in making this available to us. Dear Raj: No words are enough to convey my thanks for your yeoman service and help to the poorly paid and exploited transcriptionists who all are trying to work from home.

Getting a spellchecker, which is indispensable in this profession, is pretty costly and definitely pinches the pocket. Also, I read your thought provoking analysis regarding this industry, which will definitely be an eye-opener to all who are working in this industry and those very few who now want to join this industry; only die-hard optimist can deny with your writings. Thank you so much for the wonderful spellchecker you developed.

I have used it for several years with no problems and have so appreciated this wonderful program. If you have any tips, I would be so thankful. I have done it multiple times. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks for your quick response. I am stumped! Fiddle with it and once you are able to make it work, kindly let us know where you were wrong.

Raj, it was the fault of the operator, me. I kept trying to get it to work, kept undoing and redoing. Finally, I opened the. When I opened the file in notepad, it was empty. I checked the file on my old computer and when it was opened in notepad, there were a list of words. That got me thinking. So, I deleted every file that I could find, re-downloaded the zip file, unzipped it, and then opened the.

Then I followed the instructions you gave me. It was there waiting for me. I feel a little ignorant, but I did get it to work.

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Thank you for all your help. I really appreciate it so much!!! However, I am glad that the spell checker finally worked for you. Does this cover dental terms? So sad to hear the twist arm tactics of Google that resulted in closure of MT Herald. Google made its name and fame on the basis of the very websites that it has discarded. Now this s. Sorry Raj. My sympathies with you for the trouble that you are going through to keep your help for mankind afloat through other servers. Coming back to this topic, while searching the Net for a British English Dictionary I chanced upon a website: It has been updated as of Jan 03, I now have a separate folder for British English at my 4shared: I have also uploaded a free software, Text Duplicator, at my 4shared in the folder, British English.

I am looking for a free software that compares two text files and lists what is not in one but exists in another. The idea is to compare two custom dictionary files. Raj would you know of any such free softwares? At http: MT Herald is a great blog. It should comprise of both, Branded and generic drug name. It should include drugs prescribed by NHS for all specialties. Pl let me know from where I can download the same or it could be uploaded at the free 4shared site meant for us Indian MTs at http: This is a very nice app. Got there in the end one step at a time thank you Raj.

Add words to your spell check dictionary in for Mac

Best regards Steve. Hi can someone kindly answer my question, is this a british medical vocabulary spell checking software? What a hero! This is so helpful. I use British spellings, but this is still very helpful as many of the spellings are the same and I can just add the British spellings as I go. My team focused on helping clinicians in the UK type faster and more accurately through medical spell checking.

We started out thinking we would need to create a dictionary. Then we came across your excellent list! So, we decided we would make it as easy as possible to install the list across the applications that clinicians in the UK use. We would love to get your thoughts. How can we make it better? What applications are we missing? How could the experience be easier?

Thanks so much for sharing your dictionary and licensing it under GPL so other people can built upon it. I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate this. I was trying to build my own dictionary and it was a nightmare feeling it would never be complete. I have yet to come across a word you have missed yet. Thank you SO much. I am trying to go in to correct it but I cannot seem to modify the files?

Mail me the inconsistencies to raj at rajn. I can correct it in the master copy for the benefit of everyone. In the present world of fraud, deception and virus, your sincere free dictionary is truly a blessing to a needy transcriptionist. I really appreciate for the efforts you have done. It helps so many people who does medical transcription. With our spell checker as foundation, one of our friends, Calum J. Eadie, has built a UK spell checker on the top of it.

Find it here. Also, is it possible to include generic and brand names for drugs?

Spelling, grammar, and language tools in Word for Mac 2011

Thanks Raj for this wonderful dictionary. Amazing piece of work. You sure have lit up the faces of several medical transcriptionists!! Everyone has a little bit of OCD about those red lines. This is a great help for me and my wife with proofing our Journal Articles before submission. Wow, just wow!! This is a godsend to so many! Thank you so very much! Thanks a lot buddy. I recently installed MS Word in my pc and I was annoyed by those red lines in the document.

You solved my issue. Are you from medical transcription field? Has anyone checked compatibility with Office ? Also, does it only work with MS Word or is there a way to make it run across the board for all Office applications? Superb contribution to MTs Mr. Thanks a ton. Will spread a word about you in my website, if you permit. Do visit my website http: I am an editor and copy edit medical books for US and Indian authors.

I am in need of a spell checked for MS Word. In addition to medical terms I also look out for pharmeceutical terms. So is there any cost for this software of yours? If yes, then please let me know the amount and I will buy it. This one too has pharmaceutical terms too but not all. Pass on the favor to anyone in need. Thank you very much for the prompt reply.

I will definitely pass on this valuable information to all my colleagues who are looking for spell checker. Will get back to you in case I come across any doubts!

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  6. Thank you very Much for great work to help many many people in the world. I am sure you will be remember in the heart by every one who will use your great work. It is really really helpful for me. I am again thankful to you for your effort in making my work easy. Raj, From an aspiring BME student, this dictionary has spared me hours of combing through little squiggly lines to make sure that I have spelled all those medical terms right when writing up lab reports for my Anatomy and Physiology Lab.

    Thanks so much! Thank you so much, I am a legal assistant in an injury law firm and your program helps me do my transcription with ease. Thank you, you are a hero! I was looking up medical dictionaries and one on reddit popped up. This cleared up my files real quick. Thanks again for all the hard work. Can we use your dictionary in libre office? Can you give gnu license free to use it? I think libreoffice needs oxt extension and some aff file or something to be added to make it work.

    Can I refer your work to gnu so that some techie will package it to be useful in libreoffice? Check the license that comes along with this spell checker. Let us know here if you made it work with Libre Office. You will be helping someone needful. Yes its already on its way…. One of our friends, Calum J.

    Free medical dictionary for Microsoft Office

    Eadie, has built a UK spell checker with mine as the foundation. Find details and download link here. Thanks a ton! Makes working so much easier. Thank you so much Raj. I am a medical teacher and it helps me to write their learning material much faster. God bless! Hello, First thank you for putting this up. I have been searching for something like this for my wife who is new to medical transcription.

    I downloaded from the link above and saw that the dictionary file was last modified in Are there any plans to update the list further? Also if you are using this can you add words to it within word? Your email address will not be published. Comments Is it really free after all the work you put into it? Hope somebody else do not encash the hard work that I have put in it! I found it easy to add to Word by: Great instructions, great package, and it works like a charm on MS Office Hi Raj, Certainly!

    Works like a charm! Hope that helps… and, Thank you — again! Where my path was: Solution For MS Word Thank you so very much good sir! In MS word on a windows vista OS note: I installed this on my mac running OS X The location on my computer is: Places — my name whatever name you gave your computer Library Preferences Microsoft Office This is where I drug the file Then I went into the preferences for MS Word and under dictionaries, made sure the MT dict showed up and that there was a checkmark next to it.

    It should be put here: Raj, I have just started my MT classes and this medical dictionary is awesome. Dear Raj, Thanks a lot for such a valuable information. Thanks a lot. Dear Raj, I have to say heartfelt thanks to you, once again your suggestion of internet compatibility is worked. I sincerely thank you once again. Hi Raj, This is amazing thanks sooo much. Thanks Sian.

    Medical Spell Check for Office 2010

    Hi Raj, Thank you so much for putting this together. I am not sure whether this will work with Integra. Try yourself and let us know. Hi Raj, I will be back to work after suffering from stroke which had left with not working for one year. Thank you once again. Dear Raj, Thank you for the wonderful dictionary. The instruction per the new site are as follows:.

    Spread the word if you find it useful. Utmost care has been taken to avoid any error at my end. However, if you find any inconsistency that has crept through, feel free to bring it to my attention to rectify the mistakes in the future versions. We have had an elaborate discussion below on troubleshooting with various operating systems.

    I do update the spell checker whenever I have ample new words. Subscribe to my feed or follow me on social media to stay tuned for alerts about the future revisions of the spell checker. Update July 16, Earlier I had put this free spell checker on my other blog, MT Herald. Since I am closing down mtherald. Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help.

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