How to delete twitter messages on mac

Makes using Messages much easier. The notifications are hit and miss. I think the sites intentionally make it hard to moderate the number of notifications. But easy to dismiss and often helpful. Delete them from System Prefernces, then go into Keychain Access to delete any references. A brute force method is to clear the iCloud Keychain, sign out of all your iCloud devices, and then change your password. Great move by Apple by getting rid of Facebook. Zuckerberg can not be trusted.

Getting rid of spy apps integrated into IOS was a great move by Apple.

How to Delete Direct Messages On Twitter

Should never have been integrated in the first place. Those that want the are free to download the app on their own from the App Store. Guides AirPods If you're new to AirPods, considering buying a pair, or just want to pick up some new tips.

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Best Camera Apps iPhone If you're looking to take your iPhone photography up a notch, make sure to check these out. See More Guides. Upcoming AirPods 2 Early ? MacBook Early ? Speed bump with new Amber Lake processors.

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Faster processors and display enhancements rumored. Mac Pro See Full Product Calendar. Apple today shared two new iPhone XS and iPhone XS tutorial videos on its YouTube channel, both of which are designed to highlight available features on the new devices. The first video is Apple this morning released the third beta of iOS Even if it was a native app, TweetDeck is a case of information overload. You can snap windows together and release them on the fly.

Oh, also the TweetDeck dock icon is ugly.

TwIM: Instant Messaging Built on Twitter Direct Messages

I like how Tweetbot looks the most, it is close to the design of Twitter of Mac after all. Something that I really miss though is persistently visible action buttons for each tweet. Tweetbot for Mac only shows retweet and like buttons when you hover over a row, and even then they are very tightly packed in the corner of the cell. I wish there was an option to make these buttons always visible in a dedicated bar below the tweet content.

Tweetbot is also the only client out of the three I tested to have decent scrolling performance. TweetDeck seems to load a very small number of tweets at a time so even if you can scroll fast, you constantly have to wait for it to load in more. Tweetbot maintains the smoothness from the top all the way down. I am glad to report that all three apps are way more reliable than Twitter for Mac was in the last year; as Twitter stopped pushing out updates, Twitter for Mac would regularly hang and freeze up during normal usage.

Is rapidly scrolling my Twitter timeline something I do regularly? No, but I expect my apps to be able to perform like iOS apps, fast and responsive. Twitterrific and Tweetbot are not cheaply priced.

How to Report Abuse and Harassment on Twitter

Twitterrific is generally well made but it also feels a little unfinished, because it went through a ground-up revamp only a few months ago. I think the big recommendation is what to do if you use the first-party iOS client, Twitter for iPhone.


Twitter would tell you to use their website of course. Twitter is the gatekeeper to that access. Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news: Benjamin develops iOS apps professionally and covers Apple news and rumors for 9to5Mac. Listen to Benjamin, every week, on the Happy Hour podcast. Message Benjamin over email or Twitter. March 16, That gives TwIM a shot at appealing not only as a messaging app, but to anyone who wants a better direct messaging experience.

How to Remove Third-Party Accounts Like Facebook From Your Mac

After granting access to your Twitter account, enabling notifications, and turning on Siri integration, TwIM presents you with a list of your direct message conversations similar to what you find in most Twitter clients. The plus button in the top right-hand corner of the screen opens a search screen for finding a user with whom to start a conversation. As you type, the results list narrows. People who follow you are indicated with an icon to the right of their name. The rest of the screen is filled with your threaded conversation. One of the ways TwIM shines is the way it handles embedding content in your conversations.

Twitter and third-party clients each handle this differently, but on the whole, none of them give direct messages the same level of care and attention as the public feed.

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The situation is better than it used to be, but it leaves a lot to be desired compared to modern messaging apps. TwIM does a lot to fix that by using rich content previews throughout the app. TwIM supports in-line photos that can be picked from thumbnails of your most recent pictures or your photo library. You can also take a picture from within TwIM.

Links to webpages are handled similarly with a thumbnail preview that includes an image and text snippet. Another touch that gives TwIM a unique feel is that it converts the standard iOS smiley emoji into flat, squared versions. TwIM does a far better job than most Twitter clients of providing ways to interact with direct messages from outside its main app.