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Hover your mouse over the list title bar and click Share. Type the iTunes email ID and click Create. Anyone who gets the link can see your entire list. AppShopper is one of the largest iPhone, iPad, and Mac app directories. It lets you discover new apps and monitor your wishlist for version updates and pricing changes.

The menu also lets you set up filters. You can view, say, all the paid iPhone or iPad apps that are on sale or recently updated. You can also filter your results by category, or find a particular app through search. Under Notifications , tick Notify me of Wishlist price drops by E-mail. Click an app anywhere on the site to visit its page with screenshots, description, changelog, app activity, and ratings.

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In this page, you can further track whether the app has been on sale before, or if the developer is rigid on pricing. You can also follow AppShopper on Twitter for the latest updates. AppSliced, like AppShopper, is a great place to discover apps and browse sales. It tracks price drops, analyzes previous price changes, and gives you recommendations tailored to your tastes.

Click Shop Apps to browse the most popular iPhone and iPad app price drops. You can also set up filters. Click the Like icon to like the app, which the recommendations engine will use to fine-tune what it shows you.

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You should also take note of the Recent Price Changes to see when an app goes on sale, for how long, and its discounted price. From recent price changes and the AppSliced algorithm, it will provide advice on whether it is the right time to buy the app. Browse the Top Alerts and Recommendations tabs to see the list of most popular app alerts.

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You can also import your contacts to AppSliced to see recommendations from your friends and what apps they like or dislike. The daily app deals section features quality apps for iPhone and iPad from all categories, updated daily. The real-time update section lets you grab deals as soon as they pop up.

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Search for an app, and you can fill the Deal Alert form on its page. This option works best if you want to track only a few apps. IFTTT is a powerful service that lets you build connections between different apps and services. Not sure how to build your applet?

Follow along with this guide. Read More to get started. Click your account name in the top-right corner and select New Applet. To set the trigger , select this and type App Store in the search box. Pick Apple App Store.

After entering the URL, click the Create trigger button. Select that , and choose Email followed by the Send me an Email trigger. Interestingly, the old link for the Get Stuff Done section no longer displays apps that had been assigned to that section, suggesting that Apple may be picking only some apps previously collected in "Get Stuff Done".

As we've noticed before , after a redesign of the App Store in mid with the first iOS 6 betas, Apple started increasing its curation efforts -- an area that several developers indicated as Apple's best option for showcasing apps from the App Store.

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The timing for this sale is interesting. The App Store turned 2 in early January, and in my look at two years of Mac App Store , I noted how many developers had progressively grown tired of Apple's unclear Sandboxing policies and restrictions. In the same article, I noted how -- after a whole year -- the Mac App Store charts were still dominated by the same number of Apple apps, and how -- according to AppShopper data -- growth had considerably slowed down.

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I offered a variety of reasons to try to motivate how developers felt in regards to the Mac App Store, and what users should expect going forward. A sale is interesting for two reasons: Apple can only benefit from letting users know that great apps for a simple, immediate concept such as "Get Stuff Done" are available on the Mac App Store. The obvious consequence is that promotions typically help sales: At the moment of writing this article the Get Stuff Done apps are still not listed in the Top 10, but they're rising quickly plus, the Mac App Store homepage was refreshed only a few hours ago.

The Mac App Store benefits from charts that aren't dominated by 8 Apple apps out of Effectively, Apple is now doing app promotions. There have been similar initiatives in the past -- Two Dollar Tuesday comes to mind -- and even "bundles" grouping multiple apps together, but they weren't Apple-sanctioned promotions. However, we can't dig up any screenshots or links. Apple is also doing a similar "Back to Uni" initiative in Australia now, but there are no apps on sale. It's easy to imagine how, in the future, if this will also be extended to the iOS App Store, developers will look forward to being included in Apple's official promotions.

Developers will get the exposure of the front page, the benefits of built-in social sharing on the App Store, and, possibly, a tweet from the AppStore account -- which has been posting links to apps on a daily basis. Right now, this is just the first week of a first promotion Apple is only doing on the Mac App Store. It might as well be an isolated experiment that Apple won't repeat again.