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Lollipop can only connect if you use a USB 2 port. It has helped me, maybe it will help you too. Following it is faster than reading the answers here. To change what your application defaults to when you click run or debug in Android Studio, follow these steps: Click on Edit Configurations 3. Select the project 4. MG Developer 3 AJak AJak 3, 1 14 I have just set my build target to USB device in the manner specified here, and then all of a sudden the IDE cannot recognise the R class.

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I followed these steps, and when I selected the usb device, a popup said it needed to install Android 1. Something changed that is now causing Abdroid Studio to fail to see my phone as a viable debugging device. I tried it on another computer running Android Studio and it worked fine.

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So there must be some other setting or maybe even a driver someplace that is causing this. My device isn't shown. I followed these steps, but when I try to run I get: Philip Kirkbride 8, 26 85 You should be able to do a web search if you want to know more. What does it mean when the USB device is not recognized on certain projects within AS but is recognized on others? On your device: Disconnect the device and the option should now be available Note: If it still doesn't help, you can google it with this expression: Garg's 1, 1 23 Tomi Tomi 2, 1 8 From the android docs: That worked magically!

You saved my life sir! TomCobo TomCobo 1, 1 19 I had a cable that used to work for 10 months with Android Studio. You saved the day! The garbage cable that came our multi-phone charging station was the problem. The official Samsung one that came with the phone works great. Sebastian Wramba Sebastian Wramba 6, 8 33 It works for me by following steps below: William Kheng William Kheng 9 Hey William, I tried your steps but got this problem: What could the solution be?

Another handy program to start recognizing the device is koushikdutta. What do you do if it's not listed in Device Manager at all?

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It is charging. My Nexus 5 phone did not have developer options in the settings menu. I had to do the following: Raja Raja 8 8. Jugal Panchal Jugal Panchal 6 On Android 5. Further down there is an option to "Select debug app" which says "No debug application set". What is a good debug app to install and use? PhilGoetz just check if "Developer options" is on or not. In my case the following steps helped to resolve the issue: Tested for Samsung Android 4. Mitrakov Artem Mitrakov Artem 1 7 Tested and works for Android 5.

Mina Fawzy Mina Fawzy If your phone was working previously Before you do anything complicated, this might be a simple problem.

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If there are additional issues You also might want to check that your configuration is set up to launch to your phone. Doorknob JGallardo JGallardo 6, 3 55 This is the correct answer to the question, since adb devices show the device.

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I have found that what works for me is: CD to your sdk platform-tools folder Check if adb sees your device. List of devices attached d2bcc0a device. Qiu 4, 10 35 Mitch Mitch 9 Try the following solutions for Windows: Try these commands: Get it here: Worked for me. I have Win Android SDK on Win10 is here: Drivers are here: This is work for me after update Windows to Tapa Save Tapa Save 2, 3 22 Hey, I am having this issue: Great insight! Didn't know about this option. ADB was working for me, but Android Studio wasn't. FYI for visitors from the future, I'm on Linux.

I had this issue on Mac and this suggestion solved it! To do this: The question had already a valid answer accepted by the question owner. Does not always help. I have a phone with Android 4. Philippov Aug 4 '15 at CommonsWare CommonsWare k Ok how do I get android studio to run the app on the phone then? Try changing mode of usb connection to midi devices. Thats what worked for me. Debasish Ghosh Debasish Ghosh 9 Bugs 4, 9 25 If you still have this problem later than summer maybe you should: Go here: Toggle navigation.

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