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How do I delete a previous recipient's email address from Mail? Ask Question.

Manage Your Previous Recipients in Appleā€™s Mail

How do I stop this happening? Robin 5 Peggy Peggy 84 1 1 3.

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Recently, the option to remove from previous recipients list is gone. Address is not in Contacts. No evident way to remove old address. Can I get the option to remove to re-appear? I'm on I have an address with a typo in the domain, which appears in auto-complete every time.

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This address is not in Contacts, nor in Previous Recipients. Is there any way to get rid of it? This is horribly annoying Click on the arrow, which brings up a drop-down menu. The menu contains several options, one of which is "Remove address. Peggy Please can you accept this answer when it resolves your problem! Peggy, it's important to accept answers that work for you. It's what makes this system work.

Persistent "Previous Recipients" in Mac Mail - Quantum Tunnel

Please read about accepting answers. The "Remove address" option simply removes the address from the recipients of the current e-mail. What you want if it is present is the "Remove from Previous Recipients List" option. If it is not present, the auto-complete address is coming from your Contacts Address Book and must be removed from there. AlexDupuy that is not exactly correct, at least in In either case, "Remove Address" is present and is the permanent solution.

Does not work for me macOS The address still appears on auto-complete.

Delete email addresses in Mail on Mac

CajunLuke Pomeroy Pomeroy 1 3. Note that this menu option was added in Lion, and is not present in Snow Leopard or earlier releases.

Mail - Remove previous recipients

See support. This method will not keep email addresses that are in your Contacts app from appearing. To remove an email that is in your Contacts, open the Contacts app on your Mac and remove it from there instead.

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This is incredibly useful for removing unwanted people from your email history, as well as preventing inbox mix-ups with the people you send emails to. Also read: Removing suggested email addresses from the iOS Mail app. Have you ever sent someone an email using the wrong email address before? If so, let us know if this tutorial helped you!