Best way to delete duplicate files on mac

How to Remove Duplicate Data on Your Mac and Free Up Space

Clutter and lack of free space can slow your machine down. Luckily, you do not have to go through all of your folders hunting for duplicates manually.

  • How to Find and Remove Duplicate Files on Mac OS X?
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  • How to find duplicates on a Mac.
  • How to Find and Delete Duplicate Files on Your Mac!
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It is actually as easy as pie. You can use an app that will find duplicate files in your Mac and all you have to do is to decide which ones you are going to trash. Alternatively, if you feel like DIY today, there is a number of ways that you can tackle this double trouble. The laziest way to find duplicate music files on your Mac is through the iTunes app.

Therefore, no wonder it has a designated menu item for duplicates. You have them before you. However, this will show you the files with the same name. If you fiddle with MP3 clips for creative purposes, you may find that list contains different versions of a file saved under the same title. Thus, you will restrict the list to files, which are true doubles. Either way, you will see an organized list of files, but to choose which ones to delete is up to you. Although iTunes is restricted to your media library, you should not ignore this handy way to manage the duplicates on your Mac.

After all, media files are the bulkiest items that gobble up space on your drive. Moreover, the app is always there, so it is an easy, native and trouble-free way, even if not the most thorough. Hate to break this news to you, but sadly, there is no similar handy option in the Photos app nor was there in iPhoto previously.

  • Best ways to find duplicates on your Mac!
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  • Using Apps to Find Duplicate Files on Mac.
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You will have to detect duplicate photos with your own eyes and sound judgment. After all, no algorithm can detect better than you which picture is the best. Once you have identified the winner, you may get rid of the rest. Another ridiculously easy way and quite popular too is to search duplicates via Finder. That is the one in the left upper corner with the magnifying glass icon, in case you never used it before. Make sure you have both Size and Kind columns enabled. Once they are displayed, you can choose to sort the list by Size in case you want to get rid of the largest files without further ado.

How to Delete Duplicate Photos on Mac (free and paid methods)

However, be careful to check and double-check the file before deleting it to avoid frustration and disappointment. Go and open it, if you must.

Way 1 – Find duplicate files on Mac manually

Sometimes you have to look at the content. Using Terminal and command strings is not something an average Mac owner does on a daily basis. After all, that is why one gets a Mac in the first place — not to do weird computer stuff. Accidentally deleting files is a nightmare. But sometimes you automatically empty the trash, only to realize later what a big mistake that was. Worry not!

How to find and remove duplicate files on a Mac

There are a few ways you can save your files still. In case you emptied your trash or permanently deleted a file, you would need to use the power of Disk Drill to bring it back. All in all, deleting your files from the trash is not the end of the world. The longer you wait the lower the chance of you recovering the file intact. All these apps are also part of the Setapp collection. In fact, there are about more useful apps for your Mac.

And with a free trial , you can try these tips and free up space on our dime. How to find and remove duplicate files on a Mac 2. Best ways to find duplicates on your Mac In just about a year, an average Mac collects 5 to 70 gigabytes of duplicate files. Find duplicates manually You can, of course, just go through every folder, hidden or not, and delete the files that you remember seeing somewhere else. The results will start appearing slowly. Choose to sort by Kind. Now the list will show you all the files with matching titles side by side. See which ones are actually the same and delete the copies.

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The easiest ways to find duplicates Just as with most maintenance tasks, finding duplicates has been automated for quite some time now. Get rid of other useless files Gemini is a brilliant way to sort through your files, even the most hidden ones, and choose the ones to delete. How to recover deleted files Accidentally deleting files is a nightmare.

Launch the Disk Drill app and give the app permission to scan your drive After the scan, select the drive you need to recover deleted files from and select Recover. Use CleanMyMac to clear your caches. This can sometimes save you a few gigabytes. Use Dropshare to easily offload files to the cloud, including Google Drive, Amazon S3, and other popular services. Use Get Backup Pro to keep reliable backups, including bootable backups, just in case your hard drive ever goes kaput, or your computer is stolen.

Use Declutter to keep the files on your Desktop organized by file type. Sometimes we create duplicate files because it is faster and easier to just download a new copy than find the existing one. Sep 19, Try For Free. I want to get pro advice on Mac apps and exclusive member offers. Already have an account? Sign in. Quick reminder: Get updates.

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