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The decision annoyed Zapf who preferred the name "Palatino Book" since it bears little direct resemblance to Aldus's typefaces. A set of titling capitals, based on Roman square capitals. The design has a 'U' with a foot serif at bottom right, a 'double-V'-style 'W' with four top terminals and a 'palm Y' similar to that on Palatino, inspired by the Greek letter upsilon.

A slightly bolder set of titling capitals than Michaelangelo on the same basic structure. An ultra-bold display type, with a slight slope but roman rather than italic letter forms. Not part of Stempel's metal Palatino family, Zapf Renaissance Antiqua is a separate interpretation by Zapf of the same Renaissance models dating to —, initially created for Scangraphic and later digitised and sold by Linotype along with Palatino. According to Linotype the currently available digitisation is based on the versions prepared by Scangraphic for display use, with tight spacing and striking contrasts in stroke weight.

It is also notable for including a full set of swash caps, something not included on digital versions of Palatino. Palatino's early digitisation intended for PostScript use is very widely used or cloned. Later Palatino digitisations have different features and spacing. The revised family incorporated extended Latin , Greek , and Cyrillic character sets.

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Linotype released a more complex redesign named Palatino nova, together with digitisations of some of Zapf's other Renaissance-inspired designs and Aldus. Palatino Linotype is the version of the Palatino family included with modern versions of Microsoft software. It incorporates extended Latin, Greek, Cyrillic characters, as well as currency signs, subscripts and superscripts, and fractions.

The family includes roman and italic in text and bold weights. Palatino Linotype was notable as being the first western OpenType font that Microsoft shipped; Palatino Linotype was bundled with Windows The OpenType version showcased some then new alternate features, including ligatures , true small caps , proportional and tabular figures , text figures and a variety of special alternate characters, such as the swash Capital Qu combination.

On release it was one of the few fonts to incorporate an interrobang. This Palatino nova typeface family includes roman and italics in the light, text, medium, and bold weights, a new release of Aldus and versions of Michelangelo and Sistina under the name of "Palatino Titling" and "Palatino Imperial". Palatino Sans is a sans-serif design with stroke width modulation, resembling Zapf's classic design Optima but with a softer, more organic feel. Reviewing it for Typographica on release, font designer Hrant Papazian commented:.

The confluence of competence, freedom and kiai The design is based on the Al-Ahram typeface designed by Zapf in but reworked and modified to fit the Palatino nova family. The design is Naskh in style but with a strong influence of Thuluth style. This family only comes in 1 font, with the Arabic characters based on Palatino nova Regular.

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It supports basic Latin, Arabic, Persian, and Urdu scripts. It is a family designed by Toshi Omagari of Monotype Imaging, optimised for on-screen use.

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It includes a larger x-height and wider spacing. As one of the most iconic typefaces of the twentieth century, derivative designs based on Palatino were rapidly developed, taking advantage of the lack of practical copyright and the easy copying possible in the phototypesetting font market of the s and 70s onwards.

Softmaker's clone of Palatino, Palazzo Original, is unique for being based on the original metal type of Palatino: These include a 'p' and 'q' without foot serif and no serif on the centre stroke of the 'E' and 'F', as well as a slightly more delicate design with a lower x-height. Most modern Palatino clones are set to match the spacing and design of the PostScript version of Palatino that was a standard font in early digital publishing.

In the Bitstream font collection, the Palatino equivalent is called "Zapf Calligraphic. The genre, inspired by Italian traditions of handwriting and calligraphy, has been a dominant influence on most typefaces and lettering created in the Western world since the Renaissance. In the United States, the abstract design of a typeface is not protected by copyright, and can be imitated freely unless the typeface is protected by a design patent, which is of much more limited duration and rarely applied for.

Copyright protection is available for the representation of a typeface in software a computer font , and the names of typefaces can be protected by trademark. Microsoft has since licensed and distributes Linotype's version of Zapf's original design called Palatino Linotype in all versions of Windows since Windows The open-source community greatly extended the character sets of the fonts and releases new, updated versions under new names.

The Aldine type of the Italian renaissance is one of the most influential typefaces in history. Copies based in it made by printers in Paris from the s onwards by engravers such as Claude Garamond became the main style of type used in Europe, and influenced most successive type styles such as those of the Dutch renaissance. Other Aldine roman-influenced revivals include:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Not to be confused with Paladino.

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Select the font to download. Fonts available for download appear dimmed in the list of fonts. Apple LiGothic Medium 6. PCMyungjo Regular 7. Fonts available for document support in macOS Sierra These fonts are available only in documents that already use the font, or in apps that request the font by name. Noto Sans Buhid 1. The Library folder in your System folder: These fonts are required by your Mac and can't be disabled in Font Book.