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Remembers all the settings of all the files you play. If you leave a movie halfway, the next time you play it will open the film in the same place you left and on the same settings. The media player does do not need codecs to play videos which are a benefit that other free video players do not have. It also supports conversion of media files from one type to another using the VLC. The advanced De-interlacing engine ensures clearer and sharper images and enhanced visual qualities even for videos with i signals. It is a standalone media player that cannot be intergraded on any browser.

More than 70 million media users throughout the world use BS player, and it is translated into 90 languages. It helps to search and download missing subtitles automatically when playing AVCHD video, if available.

Part 2. How to Play AVCHD Files with AVCHD players

It supports all popular video and audio formats including YouTube streaming videos. Leawo Free Blu-ray Player contains all media playback solutions you need for entertainment and leisure. It supports the play of Blu-ray discs for free, and it can download compatible DVDs with playback. If you don't want to install a computer program, you can also try online video converter to convert your AVCHD videos to any format as needed. Then you can freely play them on any device. Try it below:. Because the online tool doesn't support "https", so if the content below was blank, please manually click the "Shield" icon on the right of your browser address bar to load the script.

This action is secure without any harm to your data or computer. Video Converter. Free Download.

How to Use AVCHD Player to Play AVCHD Video Files?

Learn More. X Free Trial Free Trial. Video Player 1. Windows Media Player 1. Best Mac Player 2.

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That's partly because there's no reason to associate the file with an app unless you already know it understands the file object type that you're telling it to open. I think the reason for the phrase "locked into QuickTime" is that not all video software at your disposal to access the video content may recognize the package type, even though it might be able to interpret the object that the package contains.

I'll take a moment and agree with jolipoli. There are many professional recording formats that use multiple files in a "package". I've run across several computer-savy people that have brought me pieces of these packages complaining that they don't play correctly or they can't edit them properly. MacOS is being helpful by showing these packages as a single file when really they are a folder full of pieces. But leave them in their structure if you ever want to import the package in to video editing software. I have a similar situation. I can still view all but 10 clips when the card's in my camera, and the card shows all the files in a finder window.

When I try to create a custom path to these files, I get a message that says, ""MTS files" contains unsupported media or has an invalid directory structure. Please choose a folder whose directory structure matches supported media. Do i need to recover these files via recovery software?? I have Mac OS X You have a couple of options that I know of. If you replace the files that were deleted with other MTS files of the same name the same MTS file copied and renamed works then FCP should be able to process the video in Log and transfer.

I just use a small video clip that I shot of a piece of paper with "deleted file" written on it.

AVCHD Player Mac: How to Play AVCHD Videos on Mac

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AVCHD Format On Mac- Private File - BDMV -MP_ROOT - Sony Video Explained!

More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. In Mountain Lion, movies are now locked into Quicktime so the folder structure containing your.

Opening AVCHD MTS Files on Mac OS

In the popup menu, select Show Contents and repeat through the files until you reach your original. I have to plead ignorance here. I don't have anything that puts movies on SD cards, so if others could confirm this I'd be grateful. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

This site is not responsible for what they say.

AVCHD Player Mac: How to Play AVCHD Videos or Open AVCHD on Mac

WesRoberts on Aug 17, '12 This worked perfectly for me! DavidRavenMoon on Aug 19, '12 I can set movies to open with any application that will play them. I don't know what that means either. If it's interpreted by the system to be a document, you should be able to tell the OS what application to use to open it. I wrote an AppleScript and packaged it with a similar automator service that allows you to choose from a list of video apps that will be associated with an individual media object, and you can download it from my site.

Edited on Nov 12, '12 Authored by: Sam Duncan on Jan 12, '13 Thank you thank you thank you for solving my 'where have my movies gone' headache!!!

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