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The files are on a Mac OS X hard drive, however. From the posts so far, it is not clear if 1.

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You have managed to connect to the drive mount command in linux, often automatic when running ubuntu. I am able to mount my Mac hard drive on my PC that is running Ubuntu. It shows up on the desktop as soon as I turn it on. I am not able to move or copy files between the hard drive and PC due to a permissions error. I'm not sure what format the Mac hard drive is; I presume it's whatever the default for Mac OS X is since these are my backed up files from my old iMac.

Since your ubuntu uid most likely is not the same as your mac uid, you'll either have to change your ubuntu uid to your mac uid if you want to continue to use these hard drives as is. If all you're trying to do is copy the files to your ubuntu machine, I believe you should be able to just copy them as super user: I'm able to copy files from my Mac hard drive to my Ubuntu desktop with that command but I still get the same error when I try to open the files: The folder contents could not be displayed You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of "folder".

Use terminal to go to where the files are. If they're on your desktop and your username is tati, there's only files and not directories, and there's nothing else on your desktop that's not "yours," then: I think Donnie got it right. You get permissions errors because the files do not "belong to" your Ubuntu user, they belong to your OSX user. You have to change the permissions on the files to allow access by the new user. Since the old user no longer exists, you want to just change the ownership of the files to your new user.

This can be done with the chown command as shown in the last post. Thanks to flaggh and DonnieP! These are the commands to copy files on a Mac hard drive to a PC running Ubuntu. Unfortunately the laptop running Ubuntu does not have space for the GB of music and photos that I have on the Mac external hard drive. Is there an alternative to copying the files to my laptop and changing the owner using the previous instructions? When I try to run them on the hard drive, I get a "read-only file system" error in Terminal. I am also unable to change the permissions in Nautilus.

How To Backup Ubuntu Files And Folders

Then run chown on the copied files. I was able to borrow a friend's Mac and disable journaling the non-destructive option on my external hard drive. Thanks, cyberdork What if I don't have a friend with a macbook to disable journaling. Then what? I installed Ubuntu in a VirtualBox machine on OS X pretty easy and straightforward , but to access a Mac harddrive from Ubuntu was slightly more complicated. I'll give that a try! Otherwise I'm on the hunt for an exact mac model to just slap the HDD in and backup the data.

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What are you trying to accomplish? You have managed to connect to the drive mount command in linux, often automatic when running ubuntu I am trying to do something similar - basically rescue files from a hard drive that wont boot MacBook using the Ubuntu Live CD - except in my case, the hard drive didn't just appear on the desktop. How do I mount it, or see if I can gain access to it it may be completely fried Any suggestions to figure out if the HD is accessible at all would be great This is from the archives so maybe old and out of date it relates to PPC.

I'm having a similar problem. I'm running on a laptop with Jaunty. My old G4 iBook died a while back, and I was able to pull the hard drive out and put it in an external casing.

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I want to pull all of my old files off of it, but as with everyone else, I couldn't because I didn't have permission. I couldn't even see the files. So I found this thread, reviewed, tried a few things, and now I can at least see each file, which I couldn't before. I am doing this by putting "sudo nautilus" into terminal.

It popped open a window where I could see everything on this old iBook harddrive. I can even open some of these files like the pictures or the rtfs but it won't let me copy paste, which will be necessary for the files that are in an Apple format. Mount drive 2. Open terminal 3. I am able to mount Macintosh HD 2 but getting this error:.

You could do a byte by byte copy of your partition using dd. IMHO that would be the best choice of backup as it doesn't require any assumptions on the partition. I'm not very familiar with this new Core Storage the macs use nowadays. I'm not really sure if you can read it without the proper EFI or whatever hardwars. So you might need to use a Mac to get your files out. Notice that this will likely break your original permissions on system files, so if you want to restore the OSX partition to a new Mac this isn't a convenient way.

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How to: Backup files on a Mac HDD And Restore to Mac Using Linux

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to backup mac data using ubuntu Ask Question. I am able to mount Macintosh HD 2 but getting this error: You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of "Macintosh HD 2". How to backup my data using Ubuntu? Pincopallino Pincopallino 3 9 Thanks a lot for replying, I ran this command gksudo nautilus this command showed all the data but I cant copy data to my usb.