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Some of the gaming sites want your age to ensure you are perfect for the game or not. This is the best shooter and best multi-player game. According to a game informer, it received 9. Borderlands is a series of action role-playing first-person shooter game. Gearbox software created this and 2k games published this for multiple platforms.

The series consists of three games and each of them is downloadable. In their promotional video, they told the four-player cooperative shooter of the year is back. To loot borderlands 2 you need borderlands 2 shift codes. This shift code obtains several golden keys. With this golden keys, you can get access chest in Sanctuary. The loot inside the golden chest is the high rarity. The Borderlands 2 shift codes are provided by Gearbox Software. It acts as loyalty for Borderlands Community. Frequently they add borderlands 2 shift codes for their gamer.

With the new release of Borderlands 2 shift codes, the handsome collection on PlayStation and Xbox One become relevant again to post Borderlands 2 shift codes for the game. Both Borderlands the pre-sequel and Borderlands 2 feature this loot system and it requires golden keys. Borderland is a role-playing open world first-person shooter video game.

For your kind information, it is the initial video game of Borderlands series. It was released in October The hunters visit the aloof planet Pandora to quest an alien vault. It also creates the illusion of depth and choice. I find it just irritating, after a while. For example, Dark Souls a game that every pretentious gamer swears by gives you every ability, item, and weapon for you to use at the start, right?


Fight for life is in the game as a last resort. Of course. Play a little further. The enemies designs and colors start varying immensely. Honestly, the rest of this is just whining. Borderlands is no exception.

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I totally agree. My guess is that guy is a crappy player in general. Fight-for-your life is a once-in-a-while thing. If you find yourself living in it. Go somewhere else and level-up, then come back. Also — you must suck. Wow… Its funny all these games are mentioned. Its the same crap over and over and nothing can completely pull me in anymore.. All of them are so damn exciting when I first buy them and then you just get to that point where everything becomes repetitive and boring as hell!

What a waste of time, should of just bought it beat it once and quit.. Could care less about the PvP now.

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GW2- Its ok because its f2P after you buy it but you can tell why. It will stay around but if it was a pay monthly mmorpg then it would probably be like any other one that has came out since WoW. Great graphics and semi fun combat system though. The cartoony animation looks is really a new neat touch to me and i do like that a lot about the game. Everything is so far apart and a lot of unnecessary obstacle courses in the way the landscape was laid out.

I have a level 11 and a level 8 and i already find myself logging off after 45 minutes to an hour of game play. All in all i think it comes down to being spoiled by dynamic games that came out ahead of their time. Ultima was truly a powerful, extremely exciting game with unmatched innovation still to this day in my opinion. Now my favorite mainly solo campaign game has got to be the Fable games.

The game just set a good joyful mood as i played and the story and questing was awesome in all of them. I cant wait for fable 4! With all that being said.. Modern Warfare 15 or Halo 9 lol.. I used to think nohighscores was a good place for informed opinions. Apparently this is where the disaffected come to make their snap judgements based on limited information. Did anyone here even make it to level 20? Did you see even a tiny slice of the game? The bottom line: The story is interesting and the writting is clever.

There are maybe a hundred neat little game mechanics i have never seen in any shooter — ways in which weapons, gernades, abilities and equipment can create a dizzying amount of combat choices. Maybe this sort of thing isnt your cup of tea — and thats fine. The game is a very well-made one, and anyone who believes otherwise is simply incorrect. Level 20? Or if not that — then at least on a significant portion of what is presented?

The fact is, the game sets a measured pace. Whole equipment mechanics and gameplay options are still being unlocked well into the game proper. The original article complained loudly about how little there was to discover, and how limited the gameplay was.

Why I Think Borderlands 2 Sucks (But I Like It Anyway!)

This just happens to be a time where making that complaint shows a lack of effort uncovering what the game will offer. But they obviously put a ton of work into the game. I can assure you that nothing happens leading up to or after hour 20 that will change my opinion of the game in terms of its poor design, illusionary depth, and repetitiveness. It is absolutely a well-made and well-presented game. I like playing it. If anything, your over-exposure is probably as much of a hindrance to a clear judgement- too many preconceived notions and stereotypes.

You claim that the gameplay is a lowest-common-denominator, simplistic shooter with guns that upgrade to more powerful guns. The game also includes shield mechanics — which have various defensive trade-offs and have either close-range attacks, retributional attacks, or even gun buffs. Class mods and alien artifact give significant specialization choices. As do the actual talent trees that create wildly different play styles, special abilities and attack choices. All of this is then used on a crazy array of aliens, robots and psychopaths that bring their own weaknesses and attack patterns to the fight.

In fact the guns are SO wildly varied and creative that inevitably you will find weapons that — despite not being your preferred play-style — will change the whole game up. It can coax you out of your comfort zone and really make you feel like a badass for a while. But it can seem that way, early in the game when the fights are easy and the choices are limited.

But the question still remains if the grind, the tedium, the repetition, and the lack of dynamism in terms of gameplay are worth it. Much better post this time. I am not making the broad generalizations you are implying that I am. Here are the following fundamental gameplay choices that you will never see as a player having only put five hours into the game: There are many more player choices that only become available after level five, and some of it is due to the random system they have created.

Finding really rare and powerful guns is part of the fun — and for a few levels you can switch up your gameplay to accommodate the new toy. Implying that every find is a tiny incremental change, or a zero-sum option is incorrect. Now — you also have the choice to not choose. You could probably just grab the biggest assault rifle every time and just keep hosing down bad guys. Anyway, fantastic article. And yes, for a game that is barely more than an expansion of the first game, 15 hours is enough time for a fair assessment of the game.

Related to role-playing and character development, we realised just yesterday how little we know or care about the main characters — Maya, Axton, etc. But then something funny happened. Spoiler warning. After Roland dies and Lilith is captured and transported us back to Sanctuary, we had the following conversation:. Oh God, you know what this means? Friend 1: Mordecai is in charge now. Friend 2: With a rocket. Yeah, riding on top of it all yee-haw.

So somewhere along the way we created personas for the original characters. I found quite a few glitches that required me to log-out and log back in to get missions to appear correctly, or objectives to show up at all. Also — other than being levels , I have not found ANY guns that required me to level to use. The texturing needed some final touches.

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I have to agree with you. Getting to 24 was when things started to get better. But it was too little to late. The game itself was the SAME as the first one, with slightly better shooting. Lastly, I liked the addition of the slot-machines at the bar. I would give this game 1-star. But the game was a copy of the first one.

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Even some of the levels look VERY familiar to the first game, but with snow texture and not dirt. Just a make-over of the first. Umm…yeah…you do know that they specifically made the game to be shoot and loot, right?

Borderlands Handsome Collection - Loyalty Reward - PS4

Its got story, which I think is a fantastic story, you instead being the total good guy, you are both good and bad in ways. But there is also the co-op. The game is fun single player. I just beat it recently, and am on my second play through. The game is meant to be played with friends though. On to the story…its awesome. I love the moral grey areas. The first game was you being neutral just trying to get your treasure. I liked that. You do play a treasure hunter, after all. The second game had an even better story than the first in that it introduced Handsome Jack, a jerk of a man who wants to wipe out bandits.

Whats bad about that? Then again, if he gets the Warrior, he will probably become a total tyrant. Plus, he is already a pretty bad good guy. At the same time, though, you are trying to stop him, thwarting his plans to get rid of bandits. So now you are in the bad and good, too. I like that. I do wish to know why he wants to kill vault hunters, but I digress. Its an amazing game. When playing a game thats shoot and loot, I want to kill everything. I even do that in Skyrim, just go on a killing spree.

I like the characters you can talk to. Scooter, Dr. Zed, Tannis…they are all awesome characters who are also funny. That brings me to my last point…you take things way to seriously. The game was meant to be funny, casual shoot and loot. This is why Borderlands 2 is my favorite game right now. It seems that borderlands 2 is a love it or hate it game. I went back and invested another few hours into it. The suggestion to go some where else and level up and then try again worked to a point.

I work 12 hours a day 5 days a week with a 45 min commute to and from work. This game should have a warning on the label stating it is only fun when played with friends. The solo play is really not worth it. I totally agree with your assessment, Michael. At first I was intrigued about the whole genre hybrid concept, that is until I realized I was just doing the same redundant missions over and over. Is this supposed to be fun? We gamers really have to question ourselves regarding what constitutes as a game. We basically have two primary genres: Uncharted franchise?

Orgasmic to the eyes in terms of graphics, Hollywood-caliber narratives, and charming characters. But gameplay? Total fail. And as for Borderlands, so much potential wasted. I overlooked the series at first, but recently came around and tried them out due to the hype for the sequel.

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TorgueEpic Catch-a-Rocket! TorgueUncommon Boom. YellowBold Shotgun! YellowPale Blue Sparks 3 Kill enemies by power-sliding over them in a vehicle. Mission Reward Pools These are the pools used by mission rewards. LobeliaSkin Dr. CyanPale The Overlooked: General World Drops These can be dropped from just about any enemy in the game. VladofUncommon "Loyalty" Unlocks These are used to reward players for instances like having a Borderlands 1 installation, etc. Pages You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session.

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