Mac mini 2012 vs 2011 benchmark

In fine print, Apple specifies that testing used "preproduction [Late ] 2. The company also is comparing the slow and integrated Intel HD Graphics in all of the "Late " Mac mini models to the also slow and integrated Intel HD Graphics in the entry-level "Mid" model. In fine print, Apple clarifies that graphics testing used "preproduction [Late ] 2.

Although these officially provided results technically are accurate, they don't really reflect an "apples to apples" comparison, so to speak. For a more objective comparison separate from a company's marketing department, independent benchmarks and tests are required. For a solid general overview of the performance differences between the "Late " Mac mini models and earlier models as well as other Macs, EveryMac.

Macmini Benchmarks

The Geekbench benchmark shows that the stock entry-level Mac mini "Core i5" 2. These overall performance results comparing the entry level to entry level, high-end to high-end, and custom configurations to one another still are quite impressive -- as one would expect when largely comparing Quad Core models to Dual Core ones -- just not quite as dramatic as the officially reported results.

Other real-world test results also can be useful, particularly for application testing and graphics performance, as these tests tend to be more modest than the theoretical maximum performance that benchmarks represent. As the "Late " Mac mini models were outwardly different only modestly from the previous line, they did not attract a great deal of detailed evaluation across the blogosphere, but the industry-standard Macworld also hit the line with its Speedmark 8 test and found:.

For graphics performance, specifically, Macworld uncovered:. Ultimately, the "Late " Mac mini models are much faster overall than their predecessors and are a solid product. However, the integrated graphics -- in both the "Late " and "Mid" models -- while fast enough for most users, still leave much to be desired for those interested in 3D graphics performance. Consequently, for those interested in a Mac mini with dedicated graphics, the "Mid" models still are well worth consideration on the used market. Likewise, the "Late " models are well worth consideration on the used market, as well, but are a better choice for those more interested in overall performance rather than graphics performance, per se.

There are many places to purchase a used or new Mac mini.

Lab Tested: 2012 Mac mini gets a nice speed boost

However, buying from a quality merchant with an extensive track record in the Mac market will provide the best experience and save you money and time, too. Site sponsor TechHeadQuarters has some used Mac mini models at reasonable prices and with free shipping.

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If you need to sell a Mac mini, site sponsor BuyBackWorld will buy your older Mac mini directly for fast cash. I think it's like a "rubber room". Wow that's not much more than my mini but i guess the i7 results are with the stock rpm hard drive, i'd like to see the same results but with a rpm drive like mine. Holy cow, it did it again, but if you drag copy that link, paste into Textedit, copy again there, then paste in the URL bar of a browser, it should actually go there.

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Apr 15, 2: Apr 15, Apr 18, I've been hmmering my mini over the past week and it's proved to be a very capable machine indeed, even compared to my previous iMac. The i7 server looks tempting but i'm wary of the intel graphics as i play the odd game as well as working! I only play games like Quake 4, Doom 3 and more recently Half life and Duke Nukem, all of which run really well.

Apr 18, 2: New owner of a base model Mac Mini. So, we did some surgery on the new Mini: Running two 23" external monitors. Performance is very nice no numbers , and no more spinning beachballs! I'm new to Macs, and love both the Air and the Mini!

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2012 Mac mini: Speedmark scores

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