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In any case I would expect an option that allows me to skip the files I don't want to replace and continue the copy with the remaining ones. Looks like Apple did not include that option to the GUI copy command. It would be the equivalent to the "-i" option for the "cp" Unix or macOS command. Actually, I did the same tests from a Terminal using: Finally, I did the following: I opened the totest folder at the first location and the totest folder at the second location.

I then selected all the files in the folder at the first location and dragged them to the folder at the second location, while holding the option key. This time a dialog appeared with these options: If I release and press the option key alternatively, the first option button changes from "Skip" to "Keep Both" and back every time, so I can decide which files to copy at the end. This worked for any number of files, starting from one. I then decided to try tests 1 to 3 with multiple folders, instead of just one and the "Skip" option now appeared!

Method 2 – TXTCollector

It looks like the option to skip shows up only for multiple folders, but it always appears for files, wether you selected one or many always with the option key pressed. I'd like you try this procedure on your Mac and confirm that it works the same way. Anyway, this is not what I would expect, but there's at least a way to work around, thanks to your suggestion of using the option key. Jan 14, 5: What I did was create a folder with 2 files, I created a new folder same name ,with the same two files plus I added one.

That's when I get the Merge dialog. Jan 14, 6: Copy Test - Google Drive. Jan 14, 7: I see what the problem is.

Method 1 – Command Prompt

You have to drag the Folder to the location of other Folder. Not copy the separate files. Jan 15, 7: In the movie you watched I did that first of all. I'm moving the folder "myfolder" to the Desktop, which is the location of the second one with the same name. I did this last test in both directions, just to show that it works the same way. Now I uploaded a new video, showing that dragging the first folder on top of the other just copies it inside, which is perfectly legal you can have one folder with the same name as the parent folder in any OS.

The only difference is, that in the first case it gets moved, and in the second it only copies it.

How to merge .CSV-files in Mac OS X terminal

I think that Apple should modify this behavior and do it more intuitive, as in all other OS's that I have experience. Anyway, I appreciate your help and, unless somebody else knows a different way, I would let this issue to Apple development.


Jan 15, 8: I think there was a lack of communication on my part. One can only merge two identically named folders if their contents are different. You can send Apple suggestions here: Feedback - macOS - Apple.

Merge Folders Keeping Latest Files (#1339)

Jan 15, 9: You are right and you communicated perfectly well. And that's what I did. Folder one has 2 files and folder two has 3, so that's different contents for me. I don't know why I'm not getting the message that you get, maybe you have a different OS version? I believe you, but as you can see, it works different for me.

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Different contents as in none of the same files. So folder 1 would have file a and file b, folder 2 would have file c and file d. I'm sorry, but I disagree. You can use the terminal to navigate to the folder as described below , but you can also use a default Mac OS X service that functions in much the same way as its counterpart in Windows: It works like this. First, go to: From now on, when you select a folder in the Finder, you can right-click and find it under Services:.

Here are some images that may help.

Combine several text files into a single file in Unix

I had a bunch of. I also made sure that every single. In my case, I needed to delete the first 7 rows that were included in every export:. Back to the terminal.

I used cd to go to that folder in my terminal or use the 'New terminal at Folder' Service I described earlier:. You can see it below, i'm at macbook en the folder en on my macbook and my username is monchito. I then executed the command:. Previous Open a folder in Terminal from Finder. About The Author.

Combine several text files into a single file in Unix

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