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10 Best Interactive Timeline Makers – 5 Free and 5 Paid

Having to build, update and share Gantt charts and timelines regularly can become quite a chore on Mac OS — or any other operating system, without the right tools. With a flexible Gantt chart maker such as Pincello, Mac users will have no problem managing their visual plans. Pincello Quick Start Tips. See What Pincello Plus Offers. Build stunning, uncomplicated timelines and Gantt charts that are easy to make and simple to communicate. Get the advanced features of Office Timeline Plus free for 14 days.

Quickly turn project data into professional timelines Build stunning, uncomplicated timelines and Gantt charts that are easy to make and simple to communicate. Project plans, reviews, and proposals often need to be presented to team, clients and executives.

Build beautiful timelines and Gantt charts instantly

Which ones are free? I can recommend a similar and good service, to create a chronology of events. The site is not complicated, will understand Come. Welcome to contact us — http: Great list of resources here. Does anyone know if this feature exists? For free..? It would be helpful! Your email address will not be published. All emails include an unsubscribe link, so that you can opt-out at any time. Search for: Pros Users are given a comprehensive, online tour of the software and its full capabilities upon registering.

Timelines can be embedded onto other platforms without Sutori branding. It is possible to add paragraphs, bold, italic, and hyperlinks to timelines. Multiple users can edit a timeline at the same time. Cons Timeline is build as a series of web pages linked together. An individual page has to be created for every new event, which then have to be linked to events already created on the website. There are a lot of fields in the new timeline template. Unused fields must be deleted before you can view your timeline. Registration is compulsory. Capzles Capzles is an online software tool that allows you to create multimedia timelines for sharing online.

The interface allows you to put multiple files into each event on the timeline. There are a lot of options for personalization, including backgrounds, themes, and colors, as well as the ability to add background music. Interactive timelines can be shared through social media. Cons A rather complicated interface for both teachers and students.

The only way to display an image for text entries is by entering a URL. Even after entering the URL, the image does not show up on the timeline. When uploading files directly to the timeline, you cannot post additional commentary for the entry. WhenInTime provides a number of themes and templates for its users, for use when personalizing their timelines. Users can link their social media to WhenInTime to create an ongoing feed to their timelines. The interface is intuitive and easy to manipulate, meaning that you can create professional-looking timelines with minimal time and effort.

Cons Because the software relies on database search engines to find images, the search to find something you like takes too much time.

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Some bugs may occur e. Changing the background image to anything other than a pre-designed theme or template is clunky to achieve. Mobile version of the timeline is difficult to navigate. TimeGlider TimeGlider is online software for creating timelines incorporating graphics and event blurbs. Pros Dialogue box input makes it easy to create new events on the timeline.

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Events can be recorded by the year, month, day or hour. Multimedia files can be added to your timeline with images, audio and video links from sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud , and hypertext links. Interface allows users to see the whole timeline at a glance, or to move through the timeline one event at a time.

Cons Manipulation of the final timeline is difficult to master, especially when setting the scale of the initial timeline display. Graphics are more like watermarks than full intensity when displayed on the timeline, which makes the final display less visually interesting. The timeline is divided into text and graphic lines, but images are automatically sized by height to fill the images lane, rather than sized by the user. In the Y column of each milestone, on the same row of the milestone's due date, add a digit such as 1, 2, 3, or 4.

These numbers will act as plotting elements that set the milestone bubbles' vertical positioning on the chart.

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Bubbles that have smaller plotting numbers will be shown closer to the X axis, while those with bigger digits will be placed higher up on the chart. Lastly, in each milestone's Size column , enter a number like 10, 20, 30 to set the size of the corresponding bubble on the timeline.

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In my case, I used the value 20 for all my milestones. After adding all the project data, the resulting chart looks will look this: Here, choose None from the Time dropdown menu under Value Labels. Although the legend situated above the graphic gives information about the chart milestones, it may be hard to follow for the viewer. A more efficient way to communicate your milestones' details is to have them displayed directly on their corresponding bubbles.

If you want to go with this suggestion, then you need to:. Remove the legend: Go to the Chart tab and unselect the box for Legend under Chart Options.

How to Quickly Make a Timeline in Keynote With Templates

From the Series tab, tick the boxes for Show Series Name and Values , making sure to select X from the dropdown menu, as shown in the picture below: In my example, I kept the centered placement of the label, but selected None from the Time dropdown menu. Next, you will need to make the label text more visible by adjusting its size and color. I chose to change the font from Regular Helvetica Neue to Bold Helvetica and decrease it from 12 to 10 points. You may also want to remove the horizontal lines from the graphic as they aren't really relevant to the timeline.

Adding vertical lines to the chart will help you highlight the relative distance between milestones. This is done from the Value X tab and requires you to:. Choose the type of gridlines you prefer from the dropdown menus under the Major and Minor Gridlines sections. I opted for straight gray lines of 0. Insert more intermediary vertical lines from the Axis Scale section, increasing the number of Minor Steps. Given that the uppermost milestone of my timeline was not fully included in my gridline area, I corrected that by returning to the Value Y tab and setting the Max Scale value under Axis Scale to 5.

Once all the steps above have been carried out, the resulting timeline looks like the one below: At this point, your timeline could use a few customizations to look more unique. Here are a few suggestions:.